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Do you think GM will repeat their Q-C process on convertibles?

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I'll say up front that I fully realize that this might only turn out to be a speculation thread. That is, unless we get little birds whispering details in our collective ears, but here is the $70K+ question: Will the C-7 convertible have to suffer the same fate as its coupe siblings in repeating the dreaded Bowling Green / Nashville shuffle? :confused: I hear that the first produced convertibles are expected @ dealerships before Christmas. If that turns out to be true, does that really mean you can expect one in Jan. or later? To quote a Jack Nicholson line, "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!" Be prepared...Nothing looks sadder than a new convertible covered in snow. Of course you lucky dogs that live in warmer climates don't have any worries about that particular issue.
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Yes, there will be quality hold for the convertibles, though maybe as little as a couple of weeks. Saw a second hand comment that including the quality holds, that convertible shipping starts in early December, though can not verify its accuracy.

Might be sooner than that....
I sure hope so - but what about the Z51 situation - did they hold parts aside for convertibles or are those of us that ordered Z51 behind another 8-ball?
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