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Do you think GM will repeat their Q-C process on convertibles?

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I'll say up front that I fully realize that this might only turn out to be a speculation thread. That is, unless we get little birds whispering details in our collective ears, but here is the $70K+ question: Will the C-7 convertible have to suffer the same fate as its coupe siblings in repeating the dreaded Bowling Green / Nashville shuffle? :confused: I hear that the first produced convertibles are expected @ dealerships before Christmas. If that turns out to be true, does that really mean you can expect one in Jan. or later? To quote a Jack Nicholson line, "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!" Be prepared...Nothing looks sadder than a new convertible covered in snow. Of course you lucky dogs that live in warmer climates don't have any worries about that particular issue.
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The distressing thing for me is that even though they had all these cars on Q-C hold, they allowed a good number of flawed cars to reach owners. They in turn became the ultimate Q-C inspectors. That is wrong! I know stuff happens, but I am glad I am waiting awhile for mine.
I'll go to my grave believing that the first cars were never on QC hold, they were held to fix something....if you want to call that QC, then ok....
I am inclined to agree with you Glen, but regardless, there were things that could / should have been caught and slipped through that process. GM used up a lot of bandwidth touting the quality aspect of this new platform. I can well imagine that there are more than a few new car owners that might take exception to that assertion.

I agree we heard a lot of bandwidth from GM, in retrospect , I would have like to have heard more from the UAW floor worker...LOL
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