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Does anyone know what these will be selling for and with what equipment?

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I am seriously interested in putting away some funds the next couple of years and upgrading, but in all honesty, I know little beyond the 600hp. That alone has me drooling....
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We know about many of the Z06's options, but not all. For example, we have not seen pricing on the performance data recording option. We do not know about z06 pricing, though Tadge Juechter said that if you could afford a C6 z06, you could afford a C7 Z06. The C6 Z06 sold for about $76k its last year, and even without the motor build experience ($5,800), and without the custom VIN ($5,000), a 2013 Z06 could be optioned up to $103K.

MotorTrend, C&D and R&T are estimating a starting piece of between $79,000 and 85,000. The Z06 comes standard with every component that the Z-51 package has (and many of those beefed up/improved), NPP and MSRC. That's about all we know now. IMO, we will get definitive option lists and pricing no earlier than the end of April, and, more likely, as the Z06 is a delayed production 2015 model, probably not until about September 1st.
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