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Easy mods

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I was thinking of doing aftermarket supercharger but will probably opt against it after shelling close to $80K (with tags, taxes, fees) for my C7 and will rather wait for Z07 in a year or two. So my question to everyone is this: what are some fairly easy mods that can be done, say under $1,000 to increase performance? And any specific info to manufacturers, shops, websites would be appreciated.
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Hennessey has some great looking AeroCarbon body add-ons but their prices seem ridiculous. Love to be able to send my Ray in for the 1000HP Twin turbo conversion with full aero body kit. I just don't have $30k laying around.:)

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Parts & Accessories | Hennessey Performance
Nice gains upto 580 hp
Not sure about the rear wing though

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I like the carbon front splitter and those side skirts. big bucks i bet
Hessessey can F off on those prices. Personally I think they are way over rated.
No kidding - $3200 for the side skirts and $3000 for the front splitter. That's damn near half way to a complete wide body kit!!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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