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Seems that in the end he fell in love with the C7.

Copy and Paste from final installment:

I'm an idiot I know. Everyone on Earth is in love with this car but me. And that's why I've decided to road trip it.

I want to bond with this car. And to do that I'm going to drive it 2,500 miles across America. Just me. No passenger.

When I arrive in Detroit sometime Sunday I'll either love our Lime Rock Green machine or I'll be very happy to hand its key over to Mike Magrath for the drive back to California."

Well, after 2,500 miles, four days, one blizzard, eleven states and a mountain of beef jerky, I can count myself on the new Corvette bandwagon. This is a great car. No, I don't suddenly love the look of its rear end and I still think its wheels are just too plain, but I can no longer deny the appeal of this very fast, very comfortable, very enjoyable machine, especially at its price. This car defines value if you're in the market for a sick-fast two-seater that can be driven every day.

Bottom line: There isn't another two-seater in the world that offers more performance or comfort for the dollar. Anyone that says different hasn't driven a C7 enough. I have and I love it.
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