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Electric "buzzing" sound

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Specs: 2015 1LT.

Conditions: Ignition off, vehicle parked, engine not running.

Query: Strange electronic type buzzing sound coming from under the hood near the right front quarter panel. It's intermittent and buzzes every 30 seconds or so.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same and if you might know what's causing it. Your input is much appreciated.
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There is a engine coolant temp override for fan when car is turned off

When the buzzing is heard look to see what the water temp was and look to see if fan is on as it maybe the override is on
and if so that is normal, it might be the relay for this
JR where is the override located? I have not learned al the buttons by a long shot and need this one in my quiver.
So far no issues but have no mies on my 2015 at all, weather too funky for me to trust the tires yet
Fan run on is controlled by the PCM calibration
Here is what the stock settings are shown below and could be adjusted via a tune

What is being done in stock tune is if shutting engine off and coolant temp is above 217 degrees PCM could command for up to
18 mins the fan and it's relay being on to bring the temp down

Remember when engine is first turned off the engine bay temps will go even higher so the run on will force the temps lower with the fan on and as long as the battery voltage is high enough
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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