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Employee Pricing Discount for those that own recalled cars?

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Anyone happen to own a car on the ignition recall list that is looking to buy a new 'Vette, just wondering if the new program of offering employee discounts to those owners would be offered on the 'Vette? I have asked my sales guy (I have an order in on a 2015) but no response yet. Just curious if anyone else out there is hearing anything as to whether it might apply or not. I have a Solstice that is on the recall list, intend to keep it , according to the news accounts of this new discount you just have to own one of the recalled cars , you can keep it, no need to trade it in to be eligible. Probably too much to hope for that the 'Vette would be included in this offer.

GM offers employee pricing to owners of recalled cars
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As MJW pointed out it's not about the Corvette it's whether you own a recalled car today, I do , a Pontiac Solstice. GM now has decided to offer incentives equivalent to the Employee Discount on new car purchases for those owners. You don't even have to trade them in , just own one. The details on what models are involved so far as a purchase and where the discounts are applied are a bit sketchy though at this point. I have confirmed that at least a $750 discount is applicable to me if I take a 2014, checking further on 2015's. Just thought it worth a discussion on this board if someone else has some involvement and are buying a C7.
Talked with GM Canada and they claim there is no such program available in Canada for owners of recalled vehicles. I have a manager calling me back though as I want to make sure there isn't something coming, sometimes they are just a little slow off the block as they announce in the U.S first and then is shows up a few weeks later in Canada.
You must be waiting for a 2015 Revans, my order just went in last week for Cyber Grey but it was due to some add'l allocations to Canada. Expect the car in July my dealer says.

On the Solstice issue I whined to GM Canada and they came up with a $500 discount for me as well as the previous mentioned $750 that is a loyalty discount for owning a GM product. Now that discount can vary from month to month and is the one that is in effect at delivery, so it could change. I own a Solstice and a Acadia which qualify me for the loyalty discount. If I took delivery this month though it would e $500+$750 for a total discount of $1250. However I also got hit with the $2100 price increase last month so really who is ahead of the game here, I'd say GM is doing ok, net/net I am worse off given the price increase. I was willing to move my 2015 order to 2014 to lock in the price and avoid future increases. Concerned that now the Cdn dollar has fallen to .90c on the U.S that we Cdns may get hit with a double whammy come 2015 pricing.
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