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Employee Pricing Discount for those that own recalled cars?

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Anyone happen to own a car on the ignition recall list that is looking to buy a new 'Vette, just wondering if the new program of offering employee discounts to those owners would be offered on the 'Vette? I have asked my sales guy (I have an order in on a 2015) but no response yet. Just curious if anyone else out there is hearing anything as to whether it might apply or not. I have a Solstice that is on the recall list, intend to keep it , according to the news accounts of this new discount you just have to own one of the recalled cars , you can keep it, no need to trade it in to be eligible. Probably too much to hope for that the 'Vette would be included in this offer.

GM offers employee pricing to owners of recalled cars
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Neither 2014 nor 2015 Corvettes are on any recall list.
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