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Exaust Upgrades

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No offense to any manufacture or owner that wants to "upgrade" the $1,200 exhaust upgrade on the C7. Sounds different, sounds better than factory, I'll give that. Always wondered why an after market manufacture gets more hp torque than all of the General's engineers put together. I granted can see the dyno results posted in different forums, Corvette, BMW, Mustang or whom ever. Even more impressive to me has always been the butt dyno that feels a huge difference "as soon as I drove it". I've yet to see certified 1/4 mile times pre and post exhaust change.. 0-60 mph pre and post change. I've yet to see certified mpg prior and mpg afterwards.

Same concerns for air breathers, plugs or wires.

Anybody provide these certs? If I've offended anyone, apologize, but not sorry at this point.
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