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Forgeline has one again raised the bar with their latest wheels debuting at SEMA! There are a lot of hot new wheels here! As always contact your number 1 C7 wheel dealer for the best pricing and service. We've done more C7 wheel setups than anyone for a reason! ;)

"The engineering team at Forgeline has worked VERY hard, over the past few months, to complete eight brand new wheel designs that will make their public debut at the 2015 SEMA Show, November 3-6, in Las Vegas, NV. These latest designs represent a broad range of styles and applications, while remaining focused on Forgeline’s deeply-rooted commitment to motorsport and performance engineering.

Forgeline has added three new models to the incredibly popular One Piece Forged Monoblock Series, including the brand new VX1, MT1, and GE1. The VX1 continues an exciting evolution in Forgeline monoblock styling, featuring a split five-spoke design (with long spokes that wrap around the lug holes), striking sharp angles, deep concave profile, and radically-chamfered outer edge. The MT1 shares the VX1’s deep concave profile and radically-chamfered outer edge and features a ten spoke mesh design with unique deeply-cut diamonds machined into the base of each spoke around the center of the wheel. And the GE1 is an 8-spoke center locking wheel that combines the latest in advanced wheel technology (forged monoblock construction, motorsport engineered design, I-beamed spokes, and I-beamed spoke spans) to deliver head-turning good looks with track-ready capability. (A racing version of the GE1, the Competition Series GE1R, is also available. It is very similar to the GE1 but features a slightly more open design, making it ideal for competitive motorsport applications.) As with other Forgeline monoblock wheels, the VX1, MT1, and GE1 wheels are available in 18, 19, 20, and 21 inch diameters with a range of widths and offsets and the usual full set of customizable finish options.

Two of the new wheel designs, the TA3 and RS6, are part of Forgeline’s new Heritage Series, classic designs that are retro-cool and work well with virtually every class of automobile. Designed to capture the nostalgic snowflake look of iconic pony cars from another era, the TA3 wheel was first launched back in 2006. But though it was a popular design, it was available only in limited sizes and was eventually removed from the catalog. But now, in the spirit of the Heritage Series, we have re-launched the TA3 in both 18 and 19 inch diameters. The RS6 Centerlock is a brand new wheel design that was developed in cooperation with the skilled craftsmen at the Roadster Shop and debuted on their award-winning ’64 Corvette Coupe project, commissioned by Barry Blomquist. The RS6 is a unique retro-look six-spoke wheel with a shallow concave profile and stepped-lip outer that is available exclusively for center lock applications in 19 and 20 inch diameters. Both of the new Heritage Series wheels are available in a large range of widths and completely customizable offset and finish options.

Forgeline has also launched the latest three piece Concave Series wheel, the CV3C Concave. The CV3C features a muscular concave 7-spoke design with strong chamfered machining details around each spoke and a flat reverse-lip outer. This wheel is available in both a deep concave profile (for the most striking appearance) and a shallow concave profile (to create a staggered look or to accommodate higher-offset applications). It is available in 18, 19, 20, and 21-inch diameters and is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications and your choice of exposed or hidden hardware.

And the latest wheel in Forgeline’s venerable Premier Series is the brand new CH3P, a clean and modern five-spoke design with subtle styling details that create a versatile wheel suitable for a broad range of vehicles. The CH3P was designed around a flat reverse outer (though it can be combined with a stepped lip outer, in limited sizes), and each spoke features a slight inverted taper and a sculpted dimensional valley machined into the spoke face. The CH3P is available in 18, 19, 20, and 22 inch sizes and, like any Forgeline wheel, is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications and your choice of exposed or hidden hardware.

We are very proud to share these latest designs at the 2015 SEMA Show. Though 2015 has been a record-breaking year for Forgeline, we remain committed to continually creating fresh designs, leveraging new technology, and responding quickly to dynamic market opportunities. We THANK YOU for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!"




TA3 - a fun throw back 70s wheel, perfect for that Gen5 Camaro to T/A conversion



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