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exhaust filler plate

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does anyone have a BLACK exhaust filler plate for the NPP ? Haven't seen any.
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OK I may be one of those bonified idiots. I tried installing the perforated version today. The top piece went in pretty easy. Tight fit. No play up, down, left or right though. Kind of tight against two pipes. So those two don't bend forward so easily.

After I cleaned the surface behind it with alcohol really well. Like 3 times. I put a dab of silicone on the back of the tabs like in the video. Then I put the accelerator on just like the video. I put the piece in place, pulled the red tape and the 3M tape would not stick. I mean not at all! It was like it was greased. I pulled it out and it was not tacky at all. It still isn't an hour later?

So I called American Car Craft. Nice guys! All he could think of was the surface was not clean enough. I am skeptical. It seemed more like I should have waited for the accelerator to dry first but he said not true. They are mailing me more tape and accelerator. Maybe I should not use the accelerator next try?
Just a thought. It is only 57 deg F out there. Could the cold air be a factor?
BTW I used that same 3M tape on the license plate frame back plate with no problem. But that was a smooth plastic surface. The surface this piece sticks to is metal and not "as" smooth.

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Vhb works fine without accelerator against metal if the suface is clean. What makes vhb not stick are silicones on the surface. Clean it with acetone , then alcohol before pulling the tape.
OK I will try that. Maybe there really is something on there? But it sure seemed like the accelerator was what made it not stick.
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