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exhaust filler plate

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does anyone have a BLACK exhaust filler plate for the NPP ? Haven't seen any.
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Everyone paints the alum hi temp paint at auto parts store...takes 10 min to do....scuff with 120 grit paper, alcohol wipe and paint....2 light passes will do it....
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The plate is open on the lower Side, it slips in and over and down, you'll know when you see it. Very simple.some have had problems with the plate touching a pipe and vibrating on acceleration. It should not touch pipes.
Personally, I think it's a bad install, I had no problem nor did others I know...a lot of people want to mod or DIY, but have very little skill, patience or expertise to do it. And they there are the bonified idiots that don't read the directions that are supplied, don't google the you tube install video and just wing it and screw it up....then blame the product.
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NPP Exhaust ...
Mine doesn't touch the pipes, yet since its metal against metal from the two parts of the component there is some chatter when in Sport mode / pipes open and the fascia vibrates some.
I decided to uninstall mine and will paint the ends of the mufflers black.
easily solved with 3m VHB between the plate and the bottom piece...
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Vhb works fine without accelerator against metal if the suface is clean. What makes vhb not stick are silicones on the surface. Clean it with acetone , then alcohol before pulling the tape.
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