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Extended Warranty pricing?

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What are you guys paying for extended warranties an what miles/months and state? I didn't want to get an extended warranty but the wife insisted. I feel we got robbed and I'm inclined to go in an cancel. What are your thoughts?

We purchased 100k mike 60 month for 4k and it was the most extensive coverage. Ill post the warranty company's name when I get home. I was guaranteed and promised that they warranty is mod friendly and all deals are video and recorded as well. My wife knows I will mod the car and that's why she insisted.

I'm really annoyed.
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When I went back room to do financing, the guy already had warranty added to the price of the car AND some dealer markup of something around $700 for some paint protection (and I wasnt taking delivery until few days later). I told them to pull all of that crap off my sales price. First off, I didnt authorize any dealer installed options. The guy tried to tell me they put it on all the cars. So I educated him that this car was custom ordered. Then we started talking about warranty. We negotiated it quite a bit and came down to 72K miles, 6 yrs that covered everything. Theft, mechanical, bumper to bumper with no deductable, car service, ability to track vehicle online, grand daddy of them all - it was their platinum package. Price was $3500. I told them I'll think about it. I would never finance warranty, would pay it upfront. Im going back in 2 weeks for them to fix a smallpaint nick on my roof & get windows tinted. Im planning on taking this down to under $3K, adding some miles to the warranty and getting free oil changes. Will let you know.
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Here is the warranty I got quoted with and that Im getting. This is for mechanical warranty bumper to bumper. Covers pretty much everything except windshield/wheels/tires. No deductable 6 yr 75K mile for $1,980 or 7 yr 75K mile for $2360. Im going with 7/75K warranty as I have 4 cars now and wont put ton of miles on it. They also had 100K plan but price went up considerably. I pushed to get this price lower but he said theyre making $80 on me (which I dont entirely believe), but I think this is a good deal. If anyone has had work done on their corvettes you know the cost and with all technology in this car, and as Im planning on keeping it for a while, this is worth it.
Yes covers electronics, bumper to bumper everything that normal warranty would cover.
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