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Thanks Rodney.

We're trying to get these done, but the contractor not showing up for the final 2 days of last week is still slowing us way down.

We're tripping over each other and struggling to keep up, which is why you really haven't seen us posting much and trying to drive the business more aggressively.

I'm expecting ton have prototype pieces ready late this week, which is obviously dependent upon getting the place cleaned up and organized.

I'm feeling lucky, though. :)
Sounds good! I look forward to seeing the pictures. I'm sure they will look awesome. Maybe even set up a combo deal once everything is ready to go:
Stage 1 Front Splitters (Carbon Flash) - Fiberglass?
Z06 Style Side Skirts (Carbon Flash) - Fiberglass?
Full Length Fender Flares (Carbon Flash) - Fiberglass?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts