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Fit and Finish of Body Panels

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I was looking at one of the special edition versions in a dealers showroom a couple of days ago. What I saw was along the rear edge of the drivers door. Where the rear quarter panel meets with the rocker panel. The rocker panel was about 1/32" forward as compared to the quarter panel. The passenger side was even.

Is this easily corrected by loosening a few fasteners and adjusting the panel? Or perhaps indicative of a tougher problem to solve?
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There is another post in this forum from someone with exactly the other problem on the passenger's door in the area you describe. For him, the spacing is too large, and there is a gaping hole there. He said he is going to have his dealer rehang the passenger's door.

One is too close, and one is too far. I wonder what the manufacturing standard deviation is for the gap size in that particular spot...
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