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Fit and Finish of Body Panels

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I was looking at one of the special edition versions in a dealers showroom a couple of days ago. What I saw was along the rear edge of the drivers door. Where the rear quarter panel meets with the rocker panel. The rocker panel was about 1/32" forward as compared to the quarter panel. The passenger side was even.

Is this easily corrected by loosening a few fasteners and adjusting the panel? Or perhaps indicative of a tougher problem to solve?
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Anyone have an issue with gap between front passenger fender and passenger door? I have already brought my torch red z51 to the dealer because the gap is too tight and when I open and close the door the 2 panels hit each other in the center. They fixed it about 3 weeks ago but it again this w/e. Is it easy fix or something I should be concerned about?
Other then this I love the car with just over 1,000 miles
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