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Front license plate

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OK, here's the laugher of the day. Where do I attach the front license plate?? The plastic decorative piece that comes off when you take the cover off of it has a "no license plate" illustration on it, and there's no where to put the plate on there anyway.
There's nothing on the grill or behind it that I can see to attache the plate to. I live in WA state so the car had to come with a plate attachment, even though it was purchased on MI. They know I lived in WA. Is there something missing?
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You should have received two different, separately packaged front license plate mounting brackets with the car.

Use the "aero" bracket. Ignore the notice on the plastic. Drill four small holes at the indentations that line up with your plate. You need to provide the four screws needed to attach the plate to the bracket.

I have it mounted on mine.
Good film. Doesn't show how to install the "aero" bracket.
Good job jsvette. I remember that film before I got my car. First time I have seen it sense I installed my aero bracket. I was surprised (like WingCon) that there is a "no license plate" icon and I had to drill holes.
Yes. I went to the first written warning and then installed the aero bracket.
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