Selling a set of SV104 lightweight wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires mounted on them. Overall condition of the wheels is excellent/like new. Wheels were coated with ceramic coating (and not just surfaces but the entire wheel was) therefore stay clean all the time. Tires have plenty of depth. The rear tires are very hard to come by as they have been back ordered several times, so dont miss this opportunity. These wheels save over 25 lbs of unsprung weight over the stock wheels/tires which is noticeable. Car overall feels more nimble, accelerates and brakes better, changes direction quicker, and absorbs bumps and road imperfections a lot better. The road quality over the stock wheels and tires is a ton better. Wheels have OEM C7 TPMS sensors already installed and mounted.

Specs of the wheels/tires are below:

Fronts: 19x10.5 ET42 with Michelin PSS 295/30/19 9.5/32" threads
Rears: 19x12 ET59 with Michelin PSS 345/30/19 8/32" threads
Finish : Matte Gunmetal

If you were to purchase these wheels and tires, with TPMS, with shipping and taxes the cost would be over $8,000. I am asking for $5,000.
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