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Getting better 0-60 time with 2nd gear launch?

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I was wondering... 1st gear in the stingray doesn't reach 60 mph, 2nd goes way above 60. what would happen if we launch it hard from 2nd gear? will it get a better 0-60 time? I mean the car has more than enough torque to do so and save precious secs (millisecond) from shifting 1st to 2nd. any thoughts or knowledge about this anyone????
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No, starting in 2nd will be slower 0-60. That is because although you will save a shift, that will only save you a few tenths of a second. But starting in 2nd will mean you lose torque (pull) the entire time because, for a given MPH, you will be lower in RPMs if in 2nd versus 1st, and so that will put you at lower torque values.

So if you start in 2nd, you would lose a lot of time up until the other guy (who started in first) shifted, then you would gain very little back while he was shifting, but he would still beat you 0-60 quite handily.
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