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Glen E's C7 Corvette Stingray Build Thread

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This is a non z51 2LT cyber gray/red lthr
1. body color paint chrome front strip-DONE
2. body color paint the taillight frames to eliminate the "mascara tear" look- DONE
3. Take off all chrome badges except the flags (but maybe a surprise here)-DONE
4. Lower the car via the lowering bolts 1 inch-DONE
5. completely polish and seal the car-DONE
6. change the oil due to 1200 mile trip home-DONE
7. Change out cargo mat-DONE
8. 20% tint all around-DONE
9. add gorilla 20 pc wheel locks-DONE
10. Cut a 3M 1080 gloss vinyl stinger stripe-DONE
11. opti-coat headlights, mirrors, front end and wheels-DONE
12. Side and rear marker blackouts -RPI-DONE
13. add RPI jacking pucks under car-DONE
14. xpel hatch closing area-DONE
15. xpel door sills - DONE
16. Carbon flash door kick panels - RPI - DONE
17. LED replacements for license plate and cargo area-DONE
18. Brushed exhaust plate - painted flat black-DONE
19. Flags tinted using Plastidip "Smoke" - DONE
20. OEM wing spoiler - with Opti Coat 2.0 coating
21. add read deck partition - DONE
22. Add OEM splash guards - DONE
23. Painted center console in Carbon Flash - DONE
24. Remove entire front air dam-DONE
25. entire car wet sanded/polished to reduce orange peel- CQuartz applied
26. paint in carbon flash center console, steering bezel and door alum trims - DONE
27. Cray Brickyard wheels mounted
27 Forgeline AR-1's being mounted.

the whole mission statement of this car is to mod it heavily, but no mod will be overwhelming and be apparent to the normal public as a "mod" - i.e juvenile - ricer...

What I do to my car is not the norm, and certainly I am not pushing for anyone else to do it. But it's been thought out, and experts consulted. I post here to just show what is possible. No need for you to post your opin, but if you have questions, please ask...

only Vette enthusiasts will be able to pick out what's a year, the car has gone thru many permutations...and will continue.

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Here's my mod list:

Buy Glen E's C7 Corvette Stingray after he's done. :D
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Nice work! I'm going to steal some of these ideas whenever I finally get my C7. Funny in the pictures it almost looks like you have shag carpet mats. ;)
Ok, so I finally finished all that I'm gonna do in the engine bay with Don's RPI stuff - the first pic is the gloss plenum (not interested in more CF) and it looks "serious", IMO...LOL

The second is adding the really glossy rails done in the color of my car with red accents...a HUGE diff from the stock ones above...

Both of these alcohol wiped and then treated with Dodo "tropical red mist" wipe on seal - made for hi temps...

Don's Link: C7 Corvette Stingray Parts and Accessories

I like it, don't like how the stock engine looks. Will do the same but most likely in the color of my car for example I'll do red for my red C7, etc.
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Does look nice!!
Looks great!
Looks great! Leaves not so much. :)
You're right for some reason you can't edit in this section anymore?
Nice work!!
Or, ;);) just trim your nails.
Whatever happen to racing gloves. :)
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