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Black Or Aluminum colour rims?

  • Gloss Black

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  • Aluminum

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Glossy black or Aluminum colour Rims!

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Black or Aluminum rims colour rims?
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I have put aftermarket wheels on my last 4 rides and learned a trick from a freind of mine...I always get a BLACK wheel with a machined face. Reasons:
1. the wheel has enuf black that they give you the black look but are not so black that whole well just becomes a black blob.
2. The machined face "pops" and stands out, adding the bling of a polished silver/chrome wheel. They work on every color.
3. And the big one for me: they stay 10x cleaner than any other type wheel. The brake dust does not show, the spokes satay clean and if oyu miss a detail, the car still looks nice.

These are going on my car a week after getting it in late this month:
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who will you have mount the OEM tires on the new wheels? Your Chevy dealer or?
I have a great wheel dealer I get all my wheels from - Elite Roads, ft lauderdale - this has nothing to do with my old wheels - they will go into storage so I can put them back on to sell/trade the car. Dealers like stock wheels. Since I never ding my wheels, these will go on the next vette in a few years...

However, 3 years ago I put aftermarket wheels on a friend's car - he ordered tires and wheels from Tire Rack. The local midas store did mounting, force balancing and labor for 35 a wheel.

-I presume they will move the TPM senders as well?
Yes they move them wheel for wheel -no alarms

Approximately what type of costs are involved- for the new wheels, mounting, etc.?
this will be a 2 grand mod total...These are nice light wheels that are semi forged, lots use them on Camaros...all the wheels being shown by some vendors on the other site are 2 grand APIECE...I like wheels but not that much, TSW is a very nice company to get value wheels that look good. There are lots of others too.

Wheels are very important to me..they make the car MINE - not like the other z51 vettes that will be everywhere soon...that, and I don't like any of the wheels offered on this car.

Another thought:The painted calipers are BRIGHT - A cross web machined wheel hides them a bit, so again the car gets more of a low keyed look. All my mods are this way.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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