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I bought one of these for $150. from my dealership and put it in my suitcase when I flew to Bowling Green for my Museum delivery for the 850 mile trip back to Florida..
I was kind of disappointed.
I even brought with me the recommended tools suggested by others on the forum. As I was going through my orientation with my Museum specialist, he stated NOT to put it on, saying it can cause more damage than without it and it is especially very treacherous trying to get the clips in next to the headlights. He recommended I return it to my dealer. However that was not possible due to being beyond the 30 day return policy. I tried the install anyways in the parking lot of our hotel and gave up. I was too scared around those headlight clips.... not enough space to get the clip firmly in and too much force required. I tried again when I got back to Florida and decided to give up again.

Anybody experiencing the same problems or difficulty.... or is it me?:confused:

This may be a dumb time to ask after all of the above... but does anyone want to buy this from me? Never used!! Maybe some of you are handier than myself with something like this, however I did put on and removed my C5 bra, 2 to 3 times a year, and it was a 4 minute job.... very easy.

What is anyone's take on this.... without getting into all of the other protective coatings and finishes that are out there. I am aware of them.... but just want to keep this thread solely on the "GM FRONT END MASK".

Mark D.
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