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GM plans to propose Z06 parts to upgrade your Stingray !

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It seems to be more than a rumor at the Sema Show...
In any case, the parts which would be proposed (so, able to be fitted) are those ones:

- Z06 stabilizer bars, control arms and the Z06’s unique composite transverse leaf spring
- Z06 front and rear brakes (steel rotors) – featuring Brembo aluminum six-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers; and 14.6-inch-diameter front rotors and 14.4-inch rear rotors
- Z06 front and rear brakes (carbon ceramic rotors) – the brakes from the Z06’s available Z07 package include 15.5-inch carbon ceramic matrix front rotors and 15.3-inch carbon rear rotors
- Z06 front brake ducts
- Z06 600-watt electric radiator fan for superior cooling capability
- Z06 front grille, which offers 17-percent greater airflow than the grille on the Stingray with the Z51 package – and it includes inlets that match the Z06 front brake ducts
- Z06 rear transmission oil cooler – a larger cooler assembly that replaces the one used on the Stingray’s Z51 package for about 15-percent more cooling capacity
- Z06 front auxiliary transmission cooler that essentially doubles the overall cooling capacity
- Z06 rear quarter-panel vents that provide approximately 25-percent greater airflow than the Z51 vents at track speed
- Z06 carbon fiber torque tube that is about 13.2 pounds lighter than the Stingray’s torque tube
- Z06 drive shaft couplers that are designed to stand up to higher exhaust heat than the Stingray and Z51 couplers
- Z06 carbon fiber underbody braces which are 17-percent lighter than the Stingray’s aluminum braces, while offering comparable stiffness
- Z06 high-wing rear spoiler with wicker, based on the available carbon fiber aero package.

Well, we will not have the necessity to wait for a GM proposal to purchase those parts...The main problem will be their availability !!! :p
If they officially propose them to fit under the OEM warranty, that would be an excellent option.
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I don't know if this pertains to a Stingray or it was listed as changes to the ZO6 to address track preparedness. It would be nice for those that can't afford the ZO6 but want to use their Stingray on the track and not have to worry about break downs from overheating issues. The only down side is that by the time the options are priced out you are not going to be that far off from a ZO6 and it would have the wide body as well as other features including POWER.
This actually makes more sense for track use. Power will be manageable and be able to stay in the power band without killing yourself. I wonder how long it will take before it happens, maybe not until 2016.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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