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This info, released by one of the top Corvette dealerships, by a person who has a record for accurately leaking information, stated that GM's will tell its dealerships their Z06 allocations and provide them with ordering information between July 1st and September 30th. This is very consistent with most predictions made here on this forum previously; in fact, thinking of all the specific date predictions made on this forum, I believe they have averaged about late August. That timetable would also mean that we will not be seeing pricing for the Z06 until the third quarter also.

This, however, does not mean that we won't learn a heck of a lot of Z06 details at next month's NCM Bash. If really lucky, we will see the the finalized interior, see samples of the new "dark gray" and blue "unique to the Z06" interiors, the Spectra Gray with machined stripe wheel, a Stage 1 and/or a Stage 2 Z06.

It remains highly unlikely, based both on last year's non-releases of info on the StingRay at the Bash, compounded by the Z06's delayed 2015 MY introduction, that we will learn specific Z06 numerical information, i.e., would be very surprised to learn either final HP or TQ numbers, nor weight, nor fuel mileage, etc.

We expect to also see several 2015 StingRays, learn about all their option and model changes, and probably see one in the new Shark Gray/Tiger Shark Gray color. Would be surprised however, if we get 2015 StingRay pricing.
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