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GM Z06 Video Presentation

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From last week's Daytona race, here is a 14 minute video narrated by Harlan Charles and Kirk Bennion on the Z06, and at the end, a little info on StingRay sales trends to date (also contained in the following thread:

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A couple of key facts came out of the video for those who did not want to listen to it all. First, that they hope to produce many, many Z06's next year, that they do not have a specific numerical limit on the amount they're going to produce. However, in the next sentence Harlan Charles did state, that some of the suppliers might be challenged in producing sufficient amounts of specialized parts, including, he mentioned, the carbon ceramic brakes and some of the carbon fiber aero parts.

Certainly seeing a similar pattern to some of the constraints we have experienced this year, with the Z-51 package and the carbon fiber options, i.e., to avoid next year "quite-possible Z06 constraints," 1) consider your dealer's allocation level and, 2) consider getting your order in early.

As one example, one of the top-allocated Corvette dealers in the entire country, this week, stopped taking deposits on Z06's. He is pretty sure that he will get many more Z06 allocations than the number on his "already-closed Z06 priority deposit list." He is therefore taking additional names for probable future contact for subsequent Z06 order placement. Once GM announces firm Z06 allocations, he is confident that he will be able to open up that priority deposit list again, but does not now want to "over promise customers, and under deliver."
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