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I am a new member to this site and would welcome any feedback. My husband purchased a new c7 z51 2lt stingray coupe metallic gray kalahari interior. It replaced a rousch 427 R mustang and cobra mustang that I had. This is my first corvette. By far it is my favorite car. I get more compliments on this car than I did with any of my Fords. It was worth the 10 month wait to get. But we are getting ready to store the car for the winter and I have a couple of concerns.

1) we have the run flat tires on our car what psi should we have the tires set at? I'm in upstate NY so the car will be stored from Nov-April 1
2)The dealer gave me the GM battery tender for the c7 oem GM part#22969090 without the user manual. I understand about plugging it into the accessory outlet in the trunk but on the charger itself there is a picture of a car, snowflake, full battery and half battery. Do I just plug it in and let it do the work or do I have to press a button on one of the pictures? This is a different charger from the ones I've used in the past and I'm concerned about frying my electronics in this car. This car has a lot more going on with it.

So if anyone out there can help a newbie it would be greatly appreciated! I just want to make sure my baby is comfortable for the winter.
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