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We have done a good job in our "want to buy" (WTT) threads, helping forum members looking to buy C7 parts (factory and aftermarket). To avoid the rare issues we have had, your moderators have created these "WTT" guidelines. Thank you for posting consistent with them.

1) The OP shall list his/her item(s) want to trade as well as that item(s) to be acquired. A good amount of description is helpful, such as looking for 18/19" tires in factory size; only wanting carbon fiber aero parts, etc.
2) If another member is also looking for an item to buy or trade, do not post an additional item (though new threads are always welcomed);
3) If another member is thinking that is not a good/useful product, or similar, please express your thoughts via a private message.
4) Start your thread title with “WTT.” Reason, when thread titles are listed on our main page, your "want to trade" item to stick out for prospective traders.
5) Please do not "jump into" someone else's existing WTT thread, i.e., trying to sell you car in someone else's want to trade thread. You are always welcome to start you own at the same time.

Thank you very much! Good luck trading C7 parts with our other SRF members.
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