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We have done a good job in our "for sale" threads, helping forum members to sell miscellaneous items/parts, and helping other members to buy them. To avoid the rare issues we have had, your moderators have created these "for sale" guidelines. Thank you for posting your "miscellaneous for sale" items consistent with them.

1) The OP shall list his/her item(s); describe it; desired price; and, any conditions of sale (local pick up only, will ship if you pay the freight, etc); Note: Pictures usually enhance sale prospects;
2) If responding, and you believe a lower price is warranted, feel free to gently tell the OP via a private message (not a public post), conveying your thoughts as to a suggested price;
3) If responding, do not post a competing nor an additional item (though new threads are always welcomed);
4) Do not criticize the item's quality, nor, in your opinion, it's usefulness/merits.
5) Please do not "jump into" someone else's existing "miscellaneous for sale" thread, i.e., trying to sell you car in someone else's thread. You are always welcome to start you own at the same time.

Thank you very much! Good luck selling to, and buying miscellaneous items from our SRF members.

Jeff, Jeremy and John
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