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Harlan Charles

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Just finished reading a very informative and personal article on Harlan written by Mary Juechter in the latest issue of America's Sports Car (NCM publication) July/August 2014. I shot off an email to see if we can reproduce it here.:cool:
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That is a great article, and really good idea. Does anyone know the one state Harlan has never been to (I am curious)? Article was written by journalist Mary Juechter (Tadge's wife).

Thanks Jeff!
I just dropped a note to Harlan and asked him. I'll let you know what I find out :cool:
Harlan just sent me a note and said the one state he could not drive to and had not driven a Corvette in was Hawaii. :cool:
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I've been over there numerous times, but only to Oahu and Kauai. Never spotted a single Corvette anywhere. There's a ton of Mustang's from the rental car outfits but no Corvette's that I saw. Harlan should probably add that to his bucket list. :cool:
I'm over there frequently (usually the Big Island, but also Maui) and on my last trip I saw some C6s and a C3 but no C7s. I thought I remember one of our members being from Hawaii and having bought a C7.
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