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Heading to chevy dealer today to try and order one any advice

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Hey folks,
New to the forum. I am going to try and order one today but I want specific colors and options. Any advice? Will they be able to place my order as specified and give me a roughly accurate delivery date? I am willing to leave a deposit any idea how much they are looking for?
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They usually ask for $1,000 deposits. Depending on how big your dealer is, you may get on the list with a deposit, may be able to place an order today or have to go to another dealership. It all depends on where you go. If you are near Cary, you should go to Hendrick Chevrolet in Cary. They are very nice and they had a pretty decent allocation. You may need to wait quite a bit though. I am #29 or #27 and they ordered up the first 15 or 16 so far as of last Thursday. Call them and ask to speak to Milos, the Corvette Specialist. Good luck!

You are welcome. Beware that they only have one left, which means that you may not get it for a while. I have been to that dealer before and Hendrick in Cary is definitely way better. I would call them prior to going to Glenwood. That's just a piece of advice, me having previously visited both dealers. Hope you can get an allocation today :eek:) Good luck!
No problem. I am glad to help.

Milos is the Corvette Specialist and it is very knowledgeable about Corvettes in general and he is very upfront as well. If you want to pay it forward to me, ask him about the current production status and how many and whn he will be taking actual orders through GM again :eek:) Mine is coming soon, but know wing how soon always help haha. Take care and let me know how it goes...
I am at #27 or #29. I heard from someone else that they have placed them up to #15 or #16 so far. People seem to get cold feet as the time comes. I started out in spot #31.
Happy to help bud! Those are great news. I really need to get mine soon. I have been driving a 2005 Rav4 for the last 7 months while I wait on this one; it is getting old. Well, it did get old after a week haha. You were smart by choosing 2LT with black interior. 3LT with black interior is definitely a waste of money in my opinion and the I have had nappa leather before and I dont think it is worth extra $4K. In all reality you barely come in contact with the leather while driving unless you drive naked haha. All other materials are easier to maintain too. So, I think you were smart. Anyway, I am glad I was able to help. I will be driving down to Cary to see it in person as soon as one hits the showroom. It will definitely clear come of my doubts.

I used to have yellow calipers on my E46 M3 and loved them.

So far, it will be a :

Coupe Z51 2LT, 7-speed, cyber gray, black interior, magnetic ride, performance exhaust, carbon fiber dash (if not on constraint), competition seats (if not on constraint), navigation, regular silver wheels and red calipers.

But know knows... last week it was a torch red 3LT with red interior hahaha.

Take care! And let me know if you hear about anywhere that we can go see a Stingray in person around the area.
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I didn't. I had told them to call me to swing by and see it, but guess they forgot :mad: Did you get to see them?
My order went through today. Milos told me that they will be getting a showroom floor model soon. Ended up ordering a 2LT cyber gray, jet black, Z51, mag suspension, exhaust, red calipers, regular wheels, GT seats and navigation.

Now the 2 month long wait begins...
They told me they were getting a manager car as well but didnt know when. What # were you on this list again? I was 47 but there were a bunch of people in front of me I was going to move ahead of as they were waiting for carbon fiber dash and competition seats. Did Milos call you or did you have to call him. 2 Months? Are you sure about that? I am hoping for Oct/Nov... thanks again for the help!
I started at #31 and as of yesterday I was #27. It could be that someone dropped off or someone who wants the competition seats. So, I am thinking that they should be taking your oder late August or early September with delivery 8 weeks after that. He called me to get the order sorted out before he sent it to GM. You are welcome!

$5K does sound high. But it makes sense if he is placing the final order. I put $1K down on May 5th and it was refundable until yesterday...
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