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Headlights auto on??

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Hi everyone. Can someone tell me if I'm stupid. I don't see where I can turn the headlights off when the car is off. So if by mistake I have auto lights off and my headlights are on and I shut off the car, I can't turn off the lights with any button unless I turn the car back on and put it back on auto lights on. Am I missing something? I don't even think I am turning auto off and when I open door lights alarm starts beeping. No way to get rid of it from what I can see without turning car back on and changing setting to auto. Any clever tricks or telling me why I'm dumb would help me greatly. Thx
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When the auto light control is turned off and the headlights are on with engine running, the lights turn off when the ignition is turned off. That's how it should work.
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