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Headlights auto on??

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Hi everyone. Can someone tell me if I'm stupid. I don't see where I can turn the headlights off when the car is off. So if by mistake I have auto lights off and my headlights are on and I shut off the car, I can't turn off the lights with any button unless I turn the car back on and put it back on auto lights on. Am I missing something? I don't even think I am turning auto off and when I open door lights alarm starts beeping. No way to get rid of it from what I can see without turning car back on and changing setting to auto. Any clever tricks or telling me why I'm dumb would help me greatly. Thx
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You've got daytime running lights, I don't see the need to have the lights on all the time, but that's just me. Then again, I disable DRL's whenever I can so I'm the opposite of the OP.

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Agreed and it's odd you don't even get a warning when you shut off the car.

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