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Help: Battery And/Or Wiring Issue

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I just purchased a 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 3LT convertible. I have a few strange problems. The LCD in the instrument cluster works sometimes, other times its completely blank. When it's not operational sometimes I see the dash lights come on and off and the car chimes. This happens while I'm usually stopped at a light. No rhyme or reason. When I bought the car the battery was completely drained. When I arrived to pickup the car it was in the service department being "reset". Today I looked at the battery and saw a single wire with sheathing and a crimp on connector to the negative side. Didn't look factory to me. What do you think? Does your car have this crimp connector? Can someone post a pic of your battery so I can compare mine to yours?
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Dealer...see also if there is a software update for your display..might be a combination of things...
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