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Help: Battery And/Or Wiring Issue

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I just purchased a 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 3LT convertible. I have a few strange problems. The LCD in the instrument cluster works sometimes, other times its completely blank. When it's not operational sometimes I see the dash lights come on and off and the car chimes. This happens while I'm usually stopped at a light. No rhyme or reason. When I bought the car the battery was completely drained. When I arrived to pickup the car it was in the service department being "reset". Today I looked at the battery and saw a single wire with sheathing and a crimp on connector to the negative side. Didn't look factory to me. What do you think? Does your car have this crimp connector? Can someone post a pic of your battery so I can compare mine to yours?
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Thanks in advance,
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Awesome, thanks for the info.. That crimp kind of worried me as well. I made an appointment to see the dealer next Monday. I hope to have it resolved quickly.

Well, that really sucks.

How long have you had the car?

Electrical problems can be real "head scratchers", but often they can also be fixed easily.

I'm hoping that you'll encounter the latter situation.

As Glen said, it could simply be the battery or connections, and low voltage can cause interesting problems.

Case in point - I once had an alternator fail in my C4 about 5 miles from my house. I shut down all accessories (radio, heater, etc.) and headed home (since an alternator replacement is a relatively simple repair).

As I was driving, and battery voltage was continuously dropping (due to no alternator output), various systems began failing. Antilock, airbags and various other system lights popped-on in sequence. By the time I pulled into the driveway the engine was running rough, and it was clear that the fuel injection system was struggling with low voltage, but I did make it into the garage and replaced the alternator that night.
I've owned her for a week now. It has a March 2014 build date. Per the dealer it was on their showroom floor for about 2 months. I put a trickle charge on the battery. Less than an hour later the light on the charger was a solid green. It seems to have solved the problem. I'm still going to have the service department check her out. I'll mention to them that the battery was dead for awhile before I purchased her. I'll keep you posted once I get an answer.
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I put the car on a trickle charger. Took about an hour before the battery was fully charged. No more screen issues. I'm still going to ask for a new battery. Thanks for all your help.
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