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Help! I have a cracked hood!!!

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Yes I do, and the body shop said the small crack is right above the drivers side hood hinge. And the hood is out of alignment slightly. Body shop feels the crack was caused by upward pressure from hinge, which was inturn caused by misaligned hood. It is unknown if hood was misaligned at factory, or by dealership when they removed the hood in order to replace my radiator. Dealership feels a misalligned hood would not cause this. Both Chevrolet and my dealership feel I did nothing to cause this. Nobody wants to replace my hood. Chevrolet has offered me a SPOT patch fix, but I have refused it because body shop (which is at another dealership) will not warranty these bandaid spot fixes. Why should I accept a spot fix!!! Grrr !!!! The proper fix is a new hood. As of now, I am at a stand-still. I have opened a case with Chevrolet , but have not heard from them yet. I was told the spot fix was decided from upper mgmt of Chevrolet...RIGHT! What would you all advise??? Should I stand my ground? my 2016 has only 4700 miles on it. Still under warranty.
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