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Help keeping wheels free of brake dust?

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I opted for the black wheels on my Z51 and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on products I could use on my wheels to keep the wheels from gathering so much dust. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance
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You could also consider the Carbotech brake pads. I'm running them on my Z51 and I also have black wheels. Virtually no brake dust.

How many miles before you put the Carbotech pads on? Did you have to turn the rotors, or buy new rotors?

I recently polished my wheels using a Portercable 7424 xp, Orange Lake City pad, and Meguiars 205 Ultra fine. Tomorrow I am going to apply two coats of Poor Boy's World wheel sealant. I have read several reviews on this product, all favorable.

After 3500 miles of mostly city driving, I've notice a good deal of erosion and pitting on the leading face of the spokes, especially in the apex where the spoke meets the barrel or the wheel. Eventually I'm going to have to repaint the wheels.

I'm going to put carbon pads on the car for sure. The brake dust on this thing is insane.

Once the PBW Wheel Sealant is applied I'll let ya'll know how it works.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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