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Help-Ticking noise

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Hey Everyone,

Got my stingray about 14 days ago. It is a Z51 no magnetic in Laguna Blue VIN #4799. It is an amazing car overall, but I have been hearing this ticking noise since about 1,000 miles. My 2011 SS with the LS3 had a softer ticking noise, but this seems to be pretty loud. I have heard it is the fuel pump or the injectors. Either or, I am being told that it is normal. If it is normal, any way to dampen the sound? If it is not ,any ideas on what it is. It gets louder as I accelerate especially in gears 1-4.

Don't want to be a buzzkill, but the sound is annoying. Otherwise, I am having a blast.

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Thanks. That is totally possible, but as you said, it is strange that nobody is mentioning the same issue.It is pretty noticeable.Thanks for the reply and I guess will see if some other folks chime in on the issue.

Have a good one,
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