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Hi-Cyber Gray Stingray 2LT w/ Kalahari

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Hey All,

I'm an ER doc in Birmingham and I just drove my new cyber gray Stingray 2LT w/ Kalahari interior from Ohio home to Alabama a few weeks ago. What an amazing few days that was. It's a dream come true. I've never been a Corvette guy, as such, but I'm enamored of this incredibly beautiful thing. It's in a detail shop right now letting its new ceramic coating cure for a few days and I miss it horribly! I think it will look good though. Thanks for all the info on the forums everyone.

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There are several now, it's all what the detailer chooses to sell......DP is gaining popularity....some are ceramic, some are silica, some are polymer, which is best is being fought out on the detailing forums right now....LOL
all subject to great debate if you search the ford vs chevy.....I'm convinced that no one has OVERWHELMINGLY better chemists than the next major player....opti coat easier to put on, cquartz better gloss, blah blah it goes reported on the detailing sites ad nauseum....

but brace yourself, I expect a detailer to come on here soon and explain whey his is so good, and he may be right, it's the way things are....I think a good installer that puts any coating on right is getting great results , they look diff than wax, for sure...they really work well for non detail people for a couple years, that just want to wash and go....
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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