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Hi from Europe, EU C7

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Just sitting in the train from Hamburg to Augsburg (Germany) on the way to pick up my C7. Searching through the net, I found this forum. My name is Jörg, I am an end 40 german guy, living in Germany and Austria. I am married for more than 26 years and happy to enjoy two boys in the age of 22 and 25. You can call me a car maniac, siince I always went for sports cars. Till a while I own several Corvette. It started about 10 years ago with a 66 Sting Ray conv. My car is modified (wide body, sidepipes etc) and my one and only. Just a few months later I went for a 00 C5, followed by a 69 C3 conv. I also own a Porsche 4S and a V10 Touareg. Useless to list my bikes, just the Harley Fat Boy, BMW S1000RR and BMW R1200Gs. On friday I decided to buy a C7. The normal european way would be to order the car at the dealer and wait for about 6-8 months. No way to go this way, I searched the net for an available EU model. With some luck, I found a crystal red in bavaria. Just a call and a few emails, and now I am sitting in the train to pick up the beauty.

Hope to get some information from his forum, as the C7 is rather rare in Germany.

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That is very interesting Jorg. I sold a 78 C3 to an Austrian guy about 26 yrs ago and he bought a Harley at the same time and shipped them to Austria. Do know of a guy that may have done such a thing? Here is a photo of the car I sold to him. As far as I know he was going to keep it for only a few years as he said he could make a good profit off of it and the MC. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Coupé
I sent you a list of things you needed to buy but I didn't realize you were in Europe at the time of the post and were buying the car there. Hope all goes well for you. If you have any knowlege about my old Vette let me know. Thanks..STUNG.......
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Sorry, I don't have any of the paperwork on the car anymore as it all went with the car in a container to Antwerp(sp) sorry. The car was without the off road exhaust as he wanted them removed because the car could not be driven in Europe at the time with such a loud exhaust. Fortunately I had the original exhaust sytem and had it reinstalled for him.
Anyway, ask around or if you see any with their owners present see what they say. If you are unable to do it, no problem. It just seemed like a real coinsidence to read your thread about corvettes and you and where you were from. Regards: I get my new one next month as seen in my avitar. I will send you a copy of my build. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Corvette stingray
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Center console
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Corvette stingray
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ooops: I doubled up on the photo. Sorry. Here is the one I ment to send. View attachment 8027
I tend to agree with you now that the Ciber Grey has been cancelled. I do like the Tiger Shark Grey. Looks great with the blk. accents. Crystal Red was my second choice if I could not have got CGM. Nice car. Are those the Torque wheels in silver painted version? Great look. Congrats.......
Very nice cars Jorg. Great C2 in the background. Was it modified in Europe or States? I have the same question about what is on the fender in front of the Headlights? Headlight washers maybe?
Dunka Jorg. Good guess on my part eh. The older Vettes C3's had them on the hideaway headlites. You have to be up to speed for them to do any good though.. No wipers just spray action.
Thanks for thinking and looking. I will do what I can about the vin and if I come up with it I will let you know. Later Jorg.
Vin # of 1978 Vette.

Hello Jorg:

I hope you are still using the forum and get this message.
I found the Vin # of the 1978 Vette that I sold to an Austrian Chap back in 1988.

His name was Thomas Brandenberger. The Vin was 1Z8748S422103.

At your leasure I hope you are able to find some info on the car or where it might be. If the current owner would like to communicate with me or not, etc etc. I am the original owner and I ordered the car personally back in 1977. When I sold the car it had approx. 40,000 miles (60,000K's) on it. It was shipped in a container with a Chopper MC (Harley Davidson) by ship around the world through the Pacific and Indian Oceans and Suez Canal and Mediteranian Sea and up to Antwerp I believe. Where it was supposedly off loaded and driven to Austria. At least that is what the purchaser said he was going to do with it. I took off the side exhaust system and replaced it with the original exhaust system as he advised that the side exhausts at the time were not permitted in Austria or Germany I am not sure exactly which country.
Anyway, I do appreciate any info you can come up with and we will see where it goes from here.
Thanks again Jorg.

How is your new ride treating you? Good I hope.
Mine is shipped from the factory as of the 31st of May and should be here in Vancouver in about three to four weeks. I will post some photos as soon as I have it.

Robert, (STUNG)
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Thanks Jorg, lets just see what comes of it. Appreciate your help. If nothing, no big deal but it was fun communicating etc. Later Jorg.

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