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Hi from Europe, EU C7

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Just sitting in the train from Hamburg to Augsburg (Germany) on the way to pick up my C7. Searching through the net, I found this forum. My name is Jörg, I am an end 40 german guy, living in Germany and Austria. I am married for more than 26 years and happy to enjoy two boys in the age of 22 and 25. You can call me a car maniac, siince I always went for sports cars. Till a while I own several Corvette. It started about 10 years ago with a 66 Sting Ray conv. My car is modified (wide body, sidepipes etc) and my one and only. Just a few months later I went for a 00 C5, followed by a 69 C3 conv. I also own a Porsche 4S and a V10 Touareg. Useless to list my bikes, just the Harley Fat Boy, BMW S1000RR and BMW R1200Gs. On friday I decided to buy a C7. The normal european way would be to order the car at the dealer and wait for about 6-8 months. No way to go this way, I searched the net for an available EU model. With some luck, I found a crystal red in bavaria. Just a call and a few emails, and now I am sitting in the train to pick up the beauty.

Hope to get some information from his forum, as the C7 is rather rare in Germany.

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Welcome to our forum Jörg! Glad you found us and look forward to seeing pictures of your CR C7 :cool:
They look great oerg!:cool:
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