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I just read the Motor Trend Corvette magazine and realized that in 6th gear, the base model is .50 and the Z51 7th gear is .48. That basically make Z51 7th gear almost equal to base in 6th gear.
I think everything makes sense now. Before my dealer software update (my last thread), I could barely drive in 7th gear at 70mph because it was lugging along at 1300 rmp. However, some of you were saying that you had no problem with 7th gear at all!
From what I see posted in this forum, the majority of the current owners are Z51. Therefore, when you are driving in 7th gear, it's almost the same as driving in 6th gear on my base C7. I never had any problem with driving 70mph in 6th gear.
So, that's kinda cool. It's like the Base model has an "extra" OD gear over the Z51 in case I want to really save on gas.
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