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Hold Up On Deliveries

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Well, some of you may be like me; car is built, where the heck is it? My dealer was not helpful so I called Chevy. It has been sitting two weeks due to the storm! They won't send out any rail cars and they do not know when they will given the weather, so that explains that; just thought I'd just share in case you are in the same situation. Now I feel a sense of resolution.
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ordered mine Jan. 3rd and was originally told 6-8 week delivery.....because of the weather the delivery date has move up to 12-15 weeks.....
THANKS, I'll check again.....I hope you're right.....maybe he was giving me a worse case scenario.....
let me know what happens..sounds like we may both take delivery around the same time.......GOOD LUCK!!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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