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Horn issues

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Appreciate all the help this site has provided to work out the eccentricities of my C7. Another glitch I'm experiencing involves the horn. Aside from the fact that it's size and placement requires one removes his hand from the wheel in order to use it, I have found I can't 'tap' the horn to elicit a brief 'beep'. I'm talking about the usual say hello to the neighbors or that helpful warning shot to another driver straying into your lane. I can bang my fist on it all day long greeted only by silence but if I leave my hand on it a bit longer it works fine but produces more horn than desired. Kind of reminds me of the paddle shifter delay but less pronounced. Not being much of a horn user, this is usually a minor issue but owning a stealth like black vette I find myself needing it more. Anyone else experiencing this? Haven't found any mention of it on the forums. Brett
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I used my horn the other day to say hi and I see what you are talking about. Takes a dedicated honk. No prob for me and I sure don't hesitate to use it. When in doubt honk. I like its decibels and tone.
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