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Good evening all. For those of you who do not know me, I own and operate a mobile detailing company in Houston called Mobile Inq Auto Detailing. I am an authorized installer for Cquartz Finest and wanted to know how many new Stingray owners were wanting to have this ceramic coating applied to their vehicles. I was thinking of offering a "group buy" for Finest if enough of you are interested. If you have never heard of Cquartz Finest, it is by far the most advanced ceramic coating on the market. The coating will help to prevent light swirl marks, wash induced marring, bird dropping etching, bug etching, and water spots. The coating is backed with a 2 year warranty, if for some reason the coating does not last the 2 years, I will asses the paint and reapply if I see fit at no additional charge. On top of providing outstanding protection, washing and maintaining your car will be MUCH easier. Dirt does not stick to it like a regular wax, water beads up and sheets off the car like you wouldn't believe. The car stays cleaner longer and Cquartz Finest adds an unbelievable amount of gloss. The cars with Finest look absolutely amazing, and shine way better than any wax out there.
I posted about the red Stingray I did a few weeks back, here is the link to that:

First C7 in Houston to be wearing Cquartz Finest!

For more information, you can visit CQuartz Nanotech Ceramic Automotive Paint Coating
My website is Home
My business page on Facebook is
And lastly my Cquartz Finest Facebook page

So if enough are interested I will see what I can do to make this work out for everyone. Also if you are wanting a clear bra (paint protection film) we do this as well. We can see how many would be interested in clear bra and Cquartz Finest and go from there. Thanks guys/gals.
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