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How many can Name this Vette, and the details about it..

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So this custom unit is owned by a close friend of mine, his father was a GM to the heart collector.. let the guessing begin..
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1) hood 2) front bumper things 3) wheels 4) behind the front wheel extra and its a C5
I hope I am not to much of a spoilsport, but the car was sold for $67,000 plus fees at Barrett Jackson Palm Beach in 2004 and may have been sold subsequently. It is a 2001. Here is the description:

Lot #398.1 - Own a piece of history. This skunk werkes' "speedster" is the personal car of Corvette chief designer, John Cafaro. Just like the Corvette designers of the past, John Cafaro has designed his own special Corvette. the speedster is considered the 4th body style of the C5 Corvette. Engineered and constructed by Skunk werkes, the company who builds Corvettes the way GM should.Exterior modifications include a 10" chopped windshield, new side glass, re-designed convertible top, high rise hood, skunk werkes' body kit with front canards, Body side strakes, rear spoiler. 19" and 20" HRE wheels, lowered suspension, skunk werkes' Corsa exhaust. Interior modifications include custom steering wheel, door pulls, shifter knob and boot, short throw shifter, metalized door trim and cluster Bezel, Simpson safety belts and leather wrapped cosmetic bars.

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Very cool. That's a keeper for sure. One of one.
^5 warp ten, all true.. it was then sold in Indianapolis in 2009 to my friend Trigger in ohio at auction. to go into the collection which since his passing his family gratefully is keeping ahold of..

here are some details about these unique creatures.. .. as you said. this one was personal to John C.
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