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How To Paint Trim Carbon Flash Metallic

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I'll put this in a sep post instead of my build thread, as I have received a few PM's asking how to do it, where to buy, etc. And that is painting pieces on the car in Carbon Flash; this frame, front chrome strip or splash guards are a few things you could do. Carbon Flash has nothing to do with carbon fiber , it is a paint color. Avail at in aerosol in the general GM color options, not the Vette options. Get their clear too, as they are guaranteed to work together. So I chose a generic black gloss Alum License plate frame for this project.


1. wet sand with 1000 grit paper - not a lot, just to knock off the gloss
2. wash with Dawn, then wipe down with rubbing alcohol and let dry - do not touch with fingers - wear disposable nitrile gloves if possible, or hold with clean microfiber...
3. Light spray one coat of primer
4. wait an hour and then 2 light coats of carbon flash paint - 10 min apart
5. wait an hour and spray 3 light coats of clear 10 min apart- the last one, a bit more “wet”

wait 24 hours and reattach…There is no sanding between any of these steps. after 10 days, 1000/3000 wet sand, then a medium polish and a a fine finsihing polish...(like meg's ultimate compound, then 205)

The Frame;

The primer:

An exact match for all the other Carbon Flash on the car.... codes:
Carbon Flash: Chevy 501Q
Clear: Acrylic Gloss Clearcoat
Primer from local autoparts store: Duplicolor gray Primer sealer
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You can buy the two fish, front and rear crossed flags, and "CORVETTE" on the rear for 108.00 on fleabay. All GM parts. Painting is cheaper, but if not comfortable with removing and painting, it's the way to go IMHO
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