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How to transfer phone contacts from Samsung Android?

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I seem to be unable to transfer my phone contacts to the infotainment center. What is the procedure other forum members have used?
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Do it in Navigation. Select your phone for contacts. By default is uses "Vehicle". Change it to your phone. From there you can import them into the infotainment system as you say. Here is a link to a video. It starts at about 30 minutes explaining this, but it is worthwhile watching the complete video to get a comprehensive grasp of navigation that in turn will use your phone for the contacts and there addresses and phone numbers. If two people use the car they can both import their contacts into the infotainment system under navigation. The video explains it very well. It isn't the best production wise, but there is invaluable information in there that I think you will surely enjoy. But the key is to get your contacts imported via "Navigation". It works for any smart phone such as iPhone, android or windows phone.
Once the contacts are imported from your phone it isn't necessary to have your phone connected to access the contacts and your wife for example, can access contacts in the infocenter without needing your phone connected to it via bluetooth. Its all about saving them into it. You'll get the idea when you watch the video.
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