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Huge THANK YOU to the forum!

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After beign jerked around by one dealer, this forum got me in the right direction and I am now at 2000 with my z51 2tl! (Im not sure if i shout out the person who helped me, but they know who they are!)

So seeing that im at 2000, how liong should i expect until i get to drive this beast?:D:D
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Ask your Dealer: How long will it take to rail/truck my order, from the factory (in Kentucky), to L.A.??? The build is one time frame, but the transportation might be another time frame.
In all honesty, your dealer will not know. It could vary widely, and is totally out of his control. Earlier this year, cars sat in the local depot almost 20 days waiting on trucks to take them the last 25 miles to the dealership. It was driving people out of their minds, but there was nothing the dealerships could do about it.
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