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Huge Unsprung Weight Difference

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As we do not yet have a wheel and tire vendor, and in view of the huge importance for considering weight different when changing stock wheels for aftermarket, I wanted to post this one example. While the following example resulted in significantly less unsprung weight, there are wheels that look great, but weigh many pounds more than factory StingRay wheels.

"Lowered it as much as we could on the stock bolts. Installed the HRE P101's on factory Michelin Super Sports. Weighed the factory wheels and tires.

Fronts 51.5 lbs each.
Rears 60 lbs each.

Weighed the HRE's after we mounted the Michelins onto them.

Fronts 48.2 lbs each.
Rears 54 lbs each."

HRE's are super expensive, though superb quality. Here's how this one example looks:

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You don't care about getting nods from car guys, but you have a thread devoted to just your personal car mods.
My take on the way that glen e comes across is that he is a guy who gets excited about his mods and wants to share all the details with others so they can do similar mods, too. If he only wanted kudos, then why would he give so many details of what he used, and the step by step process? Nah, the evidence shows that he is genuine.

He also will say he doesn't care what others think of him, and, if you read enough of his posts, you will sure see that is true, too!

I have come to like the guy in some weird don't-mess-with-him type of way.
thank you I just said on the other board, I should start another thread on "failed mods", as I've got a bunch of them too!
Yeah, sorta in a "don't do this" thread. That would be something I would surely read!
You could even subtitle your thread: "Failed Mods (or good for a laugh) thread".
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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