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Huge Unsprung Weight Difference

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As we do not yet have a wheel and tire vendor, and in view of the huge importance for considering weight different when changing stock wheels for aftermarket, I wanted to post this one example. While the following example resulted in significantly less unsprung weight, there are wheels that look great, but weigh many pounds more than factory StingRay wheels.

"Lowered it as much as we could on the stock bolts. Installed the HRE P101's on factory Michelin Super Sports. Weighed the factory wheels and tires.

Fronts 51.5 lbs each.
Rears 60 lbs each.

Weighed the HRE's after we mounted the Michelins onto them.

Fronts 48.2 lbs each.
Rears 54 lbs each."

HRE's are super expensive, though superb quality. Here's how this one example looks:

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:cool:But HRE's puts it in the super car look. There are some wheels that put the car over tbe top.
I second that.

It's like a Timex vs Rolex or Omega. They both tell time, but damn does an omega stand out, especially to people who are in the know.
frankly, my world does not revolve around spending an extra 6K so I get nods from those that are "in the know" about I'm good...
You don't care about getting nods from car guys, but you have a thread devoted to just your personal car mods.
Actually, your post is more prophetic than you might imagine. While the crap coming out of China from companies calling themselves OEMWheels and the like is the rough equivalent of Timex the Omega / Rolex analogy plays out perfectly here. While many consider Omega and Rolex to be on par there is as huge a price gap between them as there is between Timex and Omega. I doubt anyone would consider Omega to be a cheap, poorly made timepiece but the reality is they are half the price of the equivalent Rolex. I can afford both, I choose to wear an Omega, I make the same argument with automotive accessories such as wheels. While I could afford the HRE's I've chosen to run BBS, OZ and Kinesis on my Porsche's for roughly half the price with every bit as much quality and performance. Shop around, understand the issues and make an informed decision. Don't fall into the trap of someone trying to tell you there is any justification for a forged aluminum automotive wheel to cost more than $1500 each. In fact, anything over $1000 is absurd unless it's plated in gold.

I've always leaned towards smaller, semi-custom wheel manufacturers such as Kinesis and I'm lucky enough to live a few miles away from this company; Complete Custom Wheel. When I get my C7 I will be at their doorstep looking to see what we can put together in design and finish to put my C7 "over the top" in the looks and performance department. Check out their finishes section. I think the Hypersilver would be killer on a CG car.

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People are very serious here, we need to relax a little lol. We all have opinions and tastes and we'll do what we want, there's no right or wrong. You know what I meant using the comparison I did, I meant generic vs luxury brand. I just personally rly like the look of those particular HRE's, though you can argue they do look similar to many other branded styles out there. I wear omega as well vs Rollie if that helps against my elite wheel persona you guys are giving me lol. And no, I don't want to pay that much for a wheel, but they're still nice!
Glen e's thread has been cited by tens and tens of our forum members as containing very helpful, practical and lost cost mods.
See what I mean about taking it easy, this is not some attack or dis lol
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